Centrico Manufactures High-Tech Centrifuges

— L i t e r a t u r e Available A high-tech method to remove water and impurities from heavy fuel oil, improve engine performance, and prevent diesel breakdowns are features of Centrico's product line. Westfalia oil-purifying centrifuges, including the automatic, self-cleaning model OSA 20 and the take-down OTB 2 version, are being increasingly specified by diesel engine manufacturers and shipbuilders for workboats, service vessels, and offshore platforms.

By removing water solid fines, and other impurities from heavy fuel oil, Westfalia purifiers permit efficient combustion of the low-cost grades of fuel. Put to work eliminating similar contaminants for lube oils, they also enable operators to recycle lube oil, thus forestalling premature engine wear and reducing downtime as well as extending lube oil life.

Westfalia OSA models are especially suitable for automatic, continuous operation. They incorporate self-cleaning, disc-type bowls designed for optimum oil-water separation even when oil characteristics and feed rates change. OSA models are available with maximum rated capacities of 5,550 gph, but actual throughput depends on viscosity, specific gravity, and other properties of the oil.

Westfalia OTB take-down oil purifiers are designed for de-watering and removal of solid impurities from fuel and lube oils. They are currently in use on many service vessels in the Gulf area, and in other workboats throughout the world. For further information and free literature,

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